Thursday, March 22, 2018

Life is Beautiful

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Life Management!
 We write here some rules about live life .......
Relationship Family Society
Friend Now Relation in between Me and others
 If We want to run our relations good then be positive with others
 And relationship means
Be positive everytime with your relations then surely life is good .
 Communication Skills No Blame No Excause
No Order Life is a game so just play it " but "
and purely....
when we play our part in the game like this then we feel very light...
 I know some may want a answer why a ''game''...
so let me answer that now...
 do u remember there was a game on life..
 but here in real life we have relations..
which should be taken care of with peace ,
love and purity in heart..
if we are successful, we are winnersin the this game...


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