Om Shanti Vastu Consulting
Vastu sans structural changes or demolition. Easy and practical solutions are deployed to make your space Vastu-perfect. Vastu faults can be easily corrected with the use of color and metal strips inserted into the floor, colored bulbs, paintings, art objects, stones etc. Our Experts suggest these solutions after an accurate Vastu Analysis

"Purpose of following Discipline of Vastu Shastra in a building is to activate divinity of enclosed space Called Vastu Purusha, Bestower of Health, Wealth, Peace and Happiness, otherwise called Vastu Dosha." 
Right thing at right place gives balance required for positive and productive environment. Pain areas of life are visible as imbalance of respective directions. Imbalance of a direction is the root cause of pain and problem in related area of life with that direction. Imbalances are due to placement of activities, appliances, decorative and colors in inappropriate directions. 
25 years of Intensive research done by Dr Khushdeep Bansal gives understanding about powers of 16 directions and different quality each direction have e.g. Spirituality , Health, Happiness, Social Connectivity, Thinking, Money, Power, Peace, Expanses, Bonding, Study, Gains, Depression, Divine Help, Pleasures, Treasures etc. 
Utilizing powers of 16 directions is what MahaVastu is all about. 
MahaVastu follows systematic diagnosis method to get clarity on Vastu related root cause of pain in each area of life. This diagnosis leads toward treatment procedure called Vastu PanchKarma for balancing 16 Directions and 5 Elements in the building. An Experience MahaVastu Consultant decides the treatment procedure which generally includes correcting entrance, treating activities, rooms and toilets, placing right objects at right place, creating energy fields of Vastu Purush Mandal and controlling planetary effects etc.


Our home is what defines us. It is here, enclosed in its four walls, that we shape our dreams, our aspirations, our future. It is here where we give and receive love – the love and care that nurtures not only our body but also our mind and soul. This is where our person is formed, our character is moulded and our attitude takes shape……… Dr. Khushdeep Bansal. Mahavastu services for Residences transforms your house into a real home-full of love, vibrancy, happiness & health, Peace and comfort for living happy fulfilling life. If so much is dependent on the home that we live in, should we not try and understand what actually governs the environment inside it? What is it that causes a home to have a certain atmosphere – an atmosphere that dictates the lives of those who live there??? RESIDENTIAL VASTU Bungalows / Kothi: Apartments Farm Houses: Businessman’s Home: Artist’s Home: Industrialist’s Home: CEO’s Home: Executive’s Home: Doctor’s Home: Consultant’s Home: Politician’s Home: Bureaucrat’s Home: Judge’s Home: Trader’s Home: Jeweler’s Home Builder’s Home Strategist’s Home Journalist’s Home Astrologer’s Home PROBLEMS RESOLVED No peace of mind Has everything but not enjoying No growth/ No growth in career Theft / insecurity Aggression & arguments Lacking strength & power No Child birth Children education No savings Depression or Low moods Sleep disorders People walk away in time of need Loss of sexual appetite No new opportunities Delay in marriage Regular health problem Relationship problems Tensed Family environment/lack of Harmony No flow of money


“I Don’t Want Fortune 500 Companies As My Clientele, But In Future I See My Clients Owning The Fortune 500 Companies”……… Dr. Khushdeep Bansal Mahavastu Space alignment & programming technique helps you to create a conducive environment where all your resources align and function towards accomplishment of common goals, long lasting success and Brand positioning. Mahavastu Industrial Vastu services are desgined based on Dr. Khushdeep Bansal’s own Philosophy for Success of an industry. He always give emphasis on understanding in detail the complete Production Process, Targeted Results, deciding the priorities in the whole process that makes a product unique. With his approach, Mahavastu Industrial Vastu services has given a grand long lasting success to many of the industrialists, manufacturing or dealing in different product categories. Application of Mahavastu in various industries produced Brand Recognition and Grand Success through a gamut of Accrued Benefits (as the industrialists reported themselves), some of which are:- Getting More Orders and Smoother Sales; Increased Brand-Strength and Market Share; Achieved satisfactory Presence and Growth in targeted Overseas Markets; With Better Performance of Man & Machinery, Production is more than the capacity of the unit; Better Quality and Improved Efficiency; Wastage, Rejections, and Thefts are controlled; Workers are working diligently and Unrests are completely Resolved; Inactive and Non-Cooperative Staff (involved in delaying the output) Left the industry; Senior management is Able to See Wider and Planning New Expansions in the unit; Better Application of Knowledge leading to effective improvements in the System; Departmental issues are Resolved; Got Favor (from Authorities) & Success in Litigations; Smoother Relations with Bank and other Financial Institutions facilitating In-Time Support; Procurement of Raw-Material is Regularized; Improved Relations with Vendors; Assured In-time Delivery of ordered-Consignment; Safer Work Environment; Frequency of Accidents has reduced to Nil; Industry is running successfully, with Significant Gains, as if, it is in ‘Automation-Mode’. INDUSTRY PRODUCT CATEGORIES KITCHENWARE Cutlery, Stainless-Steel Utensils, Kitchen-Fabrication-Units PACKAGING Film, Plastic Bags, Pet Bottles, Printing, Corrugated Boxes ROLLING MILLS TMT Steel Bars, Steel Mills, C.R. Mills, H.R. Mills HOME FURNISHING Bath Mats, Rugs, Quilts, Beddings HOME APPLIANCES Hair Dryers, Sewing Machines, Geyser STEEL PLANTS Sponge Iron, Furnaces ELECTRICAL / ELECTRONICS Security Systems, Transformer, Stabilizers, Cables, CFL Tubes, Cooler Pumps, Room Heaters, Adopter/Chargers, Electric Motors, Novelty Items, Electroplating Units YARN Yarn Manufacturing Units FOOD Churn, Biscuit, Sweets, Confectionery, Packed Juice, Bread, Rice, Sela Plants, Edible Oils ENGINEERING Sheet Metal Plants, Forging, Tool And Die Making, Auto Part Industry, Refineries PLASTIC Injection and Blowing Moulding, Master Batches PRINTING PRESS Publishing, Packaging, Designing PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY Medicine Manufacturing And Marketing Units


lays great emphasis on the purpose – be it an activity, conversation, or Space/ building. According to him, each and every Space is built with a definite purpose like, purpose of School is to impart education; purpose of a Hospital is to provide Healing, care, and Health; purpose of Home is to give an excellent life. Likewise when people, influenced with his work at their homes, approached him to improve working and output of their offices, he first of all checked what was the purpose of that office space and why it was not being fulfilled. Once that sequence was decoded, he knew, how to set right poor performing offices on the path of growth, output, and success. This was the basic mantra on which he designed offices of some of the world’s most successful and famous Architects, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Politicians, Builders, Management-Consultants. BUSINESS VERTICALS Adminstration: Marketing: Sales: Trading: Import:: Export:: Call Centre: Human Resources: Buying Agencies: Consultants: CA, Advocates Architects, Management, Finance, CS, Engineering, Astrologers Govt. Offices:, State heads, Political: Indiviual (MLA, MP), party Offices (state offices, and center) Stock Broker: Real Estate: Sectariates PROBLEMS RESOLVED Lack of Vision / Confusion Growth Wrong decision New opportunities Sales/ marketing Ineffectiveness Payment recovering Not getting the right people. Funds block Commitment failure Lacking confidence Not getting recognisation Expenses on high side Skill lacking Non profitability IT problems Non coordination No new customers Low mood Agression Procurements of goods. 
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