Saturday, March 18, 2017



All quotes inspired by the Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Iswariya Vishva vidhlaya

Life is Beautiful

Life is a game so just play it " but "
and purely....
Before you give up..
Think of the reason why you held on so long.
Whatever you do..
You are creating your own Future..

 The opinion which other people have of you, Is their problem..
Not yours..
Stay cool..

 Successful people never worry about what others are doing..
Concentrate on YOURSELF.

 Your best TEACHER is your last Mistake..

 I can only give my best others..
 When " I " am in touch with my best.. :):)
Cherish yourself..

 When God solves your problems..
Its because You have faith in God's abilities..
When God does not solve your problems..
 Its because
God has faith in your abilities..
FAITH is the ultimate answer..
HOPE sees the invisible..
Feels the intangible and Achieves the impossible.

HOPE is like a road in the country,
There was never a road..
But When many people walk on it..
The road comes into existence..

 When you SMILE..
Not only do you smile..
But you also bring a ray of light into the others lives..

 The tests of life,
 Are not to break you..
 But to make you..

 Don't fix your problems..
Fix your thinking..
Problems will get fixed themselves..

 You may not have had a Good Start..
But You can still have a Good finish..

 To begin with a Powerful thought..
 Is to ensure the day be filled with positivity..

 Peace of Mind is that Mental condition,
 In which you have accepted the worst..

 Before you give up..
 Think of the reason why you held on so long.

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