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Nascent........Life Changing Opportunity!!!!/NascentRetailsLtd

ABOUT NASCENT Picture NASCENT … a life changing opportunity. Nascent In India:- Nascent Retails Ltd., Vridhi Developers Ltd., Nascent Solutions, Nascent Educational & Development Society, Nascent Financial Services, Nascent Worldwide:- Nascent World wide Inc., Nascent Solutions, Nascent Nepal Pvt. Ltd., Nascent Educational & Development Society, Introducing Nascent Retails Ltd, Registered & incorporated under the Companies Act. Corporate Identity Number: - U51900DL2007PLC171409 Corp. HO-office address:- NASCENT RETAILS LIMITED., PLOT NO-1, POCKET-B-5, SECTOR-4, ROHINI, NEW DELHI – 110085. Ph:-011-27040786, 011-32903144. Business opportunity:- An Organization designed and developed to help you grow your Nascent Retails Business Organize- Meetings & Seminars, Business Presentations, Personality Development Skills, and Network Management Skills, Leadership Training, Product Education Programs and Many More., NASCENT EDUCATIONAL & DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY (Registered):- A substantial part of the commercial activities of Nascent Retails Limited goes towards Charity. All the social and charitable activities are done under the banner of Nascent Educational & Development society. Society is being run solely by Nascent Retails Ltd., in which no donations/contributions are accepted. In the last few years Nascent Educational & Development societies has done an outstanding job within and outside India for the welfare of the mankind and have been appreciated by various dignitaries. We can proudly say that when it comes to social enlistment, Nascent educational & Development Society has done more projects than any other organization. Pictorial proof is available on the website NASCENT:- Donated many Ambulances in various remote geographical states nationwide. Donated to Chief Minister Relief fund to more states during difficult times. Free distribution of 250 specially developed Tri cycles for Physically Challenged. Arranged and facilitated marriage of orphan girls. More than 350 Medical camps with 70000 more free treatment and medicines. Under the “Kanya Protsahan Yojna” distributed school bags with book to nearly 25000 and poorer girl students in different Govt.Schools. Free distribution of Uniform and Winter Sweaters to poor children’s in different MCD & Govt.Schools. Under the “Mahila Swarojgar Uojan” more than 1000 ladies of under privileged section were given Sewing Machines to make them self dependent. More than 15,000 Blankets were distributed to underprivileged section during winter in all parts of the country. Highly successful Charitable Dispensary and Free Computer Education Centre have been running at Shakurpur Village, Delhi which was inaugurated by MP. Sh.Sajjan Kumar. Mobile STD/PCO have been donated to physically disable for self employment. Provided Entertainment facilities to Elderly in Old age Homes. Scholarship has been given to thousands of intelligent but needy students. Blood Donation Camp have been organized Nationwide. Earthquake Relief Camp was organized on Massive scald in Jammu & Kashmir in Oct-2005. Organized cultural programmers in different states for promotion of arts, culture and welfare of artists. Nascent in India Till March 2008:- Business Operations Started 6.5 Years Back.(from 2001) Operating in 22 States. (All India) 10 of them in CROREPATIClub. 3050 Members in LAKHPATI Club. 127 Members are Car achievers. 700 Members are Foreign Trip Achievers. 810 Members are Laptop Achievers. 1200 LG Color TV Achievers. 2700 Mobile Phone Achievers. page 2 DIRECT MARKETING Direct marketing is a form of advertising that reaches its audience without using traditional formal channels of advertising, such as TV, newspapers or radio. Businesses communicate straight to the consumer with advertising techniques such as fliers, catalogue distribution, promotional letters, and street advertising. What isMLM (Multi level marketing)MLM is also called as network marketing where, Multiple Levels of people are marketing a product to consumers. Why join MLM?MLM is the only legal business which make you rich in short time since others work for themselves and hence for you. Are you familiar with wholesale stores like Sam's Club or Costco's? What these stores do is buy the product direct from the manufacturer, cutting out the middle man, and then sell the product directly to the market place at a reduced price. Owning an MLM or multi level marketing business is in some ways very similar to owning a wholesale store like Sam's Club or Costco's. In MLM, you are buying directly from the manufacturer, cutting out the middle man therefore, increasing your commissions and/or the quality of the product. In MLM, we are all "wholesale" business owners. We are the Sam's Club and Costco's owners. We buy direct from the manufacturer and market our wares to the public. We usually don't have the overhead like taxes and insurance, the headaches of having employees that only care about making a paycheck. What we do have however is the tax breaks only a home business owner can earn because our "store" is a dedicated room in our home. We also take on the advertising expense (just like those wholesale stores) and we train others to market our product with the biggest difference being, we don't pay the salary to this new trainee. MLM is a profession as well as an industry. Any high paying profession takes training. Many times, years of training. Your job, when you first get started, is to market your product to the public to create immediate cashflow. The more you market, or recommend your product, the more cashflow you create. This is one of the BIG side benefits of this profession. Recommend to a lot of people, make a lot of money. Recommend to a little people, make little money. Recommend to no people, make no money. While you are recommending your product, you also need to be a student of this profession. Any Doctor, Lawyer or high paying professional MUST go to school for years and years to learn HOW to become a professional in that industry. If you decided today you wanted to join the Medical industry, does that mean in 30 days you should be ready and knowledgeable enough to operate on someone and save their life? How long do you honestly think it will take to learn HOW to operate? Treat this profession as you would any other high paying profession and you'll earn, in time, just like those other high paying professionals with the biggest difference being, your income will be what we call "walk away income". BUSINESS PROFILE .... BUSINESS LOGIC At Nascent we follow ; Network Marketing Binary Plan: First level is limited to two with infinite depth. & Network Marketing Matrix Plan: First level width 2 to 7 usually 5 to 50 levels deep. Company need to pay just for you and for your downline. This is how the system works. Let us think about how we will get benefited. You have recruited A and B, A has then recruited A and A, B has recruited A and A Nascent Pair Plan:- Level 1 1Pair Rs.850/- Level 2 2Pair Rs.1,700/- Level 3 4 Pair Rs.3,400/- Level 4 8 Pair Rs.6,800/- Level 5 16 Pair Rs.13,600/- Level 6 32 Pair Rs.27,200/- Level 7 64 Pair Rs.54,400/- Level 8 128 Pair Rs.1,08,800/- Just 8 levels are shown above...just think how much you can earn if 10 members are in your downline, how about 100, how about 1000. If a small tea shop owner or a paper selling guy can earn this much money,why we graduates can't do it. What is the use of degree qualification if you can't make money? We are not telling you to do this full time. You won't get any experience which is helpful for your career. Part time is more than enough for this business. MLM is 100% Legal, Ethical. You don't need to refer whole lot of people all by your self. You just need to refer 2 and the team grows itself. The Business is based onRecommendations & Duplications. Just Recommend 2 reference eligible to get started your business. Be a Qualified Registered Member & Get Start…. Your Payout mode:- · Weekly Calculation for Income. · Income from Binary Bonanza is subject to a Cap Limit of Rs. 1,00,000/- Per Week. REGISTRATION FOR BUSINESS IS BASED ON PACKAGES 7950/-,6850/-OR 6500/- …. THESE PACKAGES GIVES YOU VALUED PRODUCTS TO USE AND ALSO LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP .THIS IS LIFE CHANGING OPPORTUNITY ,SO DON’T MISS THIS CHANCE . Details of Packages refer JUST DO IT !!! Blog WHY ARE YOU IN NETWORK MARKETING TODAY ?? 08/10/2010 0 Comment(s) Network Marketing Sales Skills Easy to Learn 08/10/2010 0 Comment(s) Earlier today I came across a post that stated network marketing sales skills where easy to learn. I found that kind of odd after watching numerous people over the course of the past seven years watching and observing people. While the outline of the sales process is easy to understand, it is the implementation of it that is extremely difficult. Maybe it explains why so many people still struggle today. Recently I had a lady call me, she had a bachelors degree in marketing and sales. Yet, her approach left a lot to be desired. She obviously thought that I was a prospect and wanted to 3-way me into a call. I guess that's just part of the process she had learned. Still I've had many individuals with years of sales experience come into network marketing and fail when it came to recruiting individuals. Many of them discovered that it was much easier to reach out to their warm-market and find success. But, when they tried to duplicate that with their new downline it proved to be difficult at best. So back to the statement that network marketing sales skills are easy to learn. Without consistent action and contact with prospects it would be almost impossible to arrive at some level of competence. We are better off to stop stressing over learning exactly how to say our 30 second infomercial just right and simply enjoy talking to more and more people. Getting to know them, discovering what it is they are looking for. Maybe we'll find a fit for our business opportunity or maybe not. Author Write something about yourself. No need to be fancy, just an overview. Archives August 2010 Categories All RSS Feed PHOTO GALLERYvisit us at YouTube : AUGUST BUSINESS SEMINARS SEMINAR AT PATRAKAR BHAVAN,NR ALKA TALKIES PUNE ALL MONDAY'S , THURSDAY'S & FRIDAY'S AT 6.30 P.M SEMINAR AT MUKTANGAN COLLEGE OF ENGG, PUNE ON ALL SUNDAY'S AT 10.45 A.M CALL 9503667373 FOR REGISTRATION FOR THE SEMINAR .

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