Sunday, April 6, 2008

Do you know your real self ?By BK

The nature and identity of the self in the light of Common Logic & Indian Philosophy o you know your real self ? Are you aware of your real identity?" These questions were put to thousands of people across the world. In most cases, the answers given by them were substantially similar though there was difference in wording, mannerism and tone of the people who answered these questions. Some gave the name of their profession or designation, some spoke of their nationality and some others spoke of their religion and so on. A highly intellectual person, holding many degrees from a number of prestigious universities and Institutes of Technology was also asked this question. Following is the conversation that took place : “Sir, may I ask you who you are. I hope that you won’t mind this question.” “I am a Professor Emeritus in a university in California. My name is Mr.....” “But, sir, what you have told is about your profession; you have also given the name of your body whereas I had asked who you are.” “I’m sorry. Perhaps I did not understand your question. Even now it is not quite clear to me. What do you want to know?” “Sir, as a conscient being, you had your existence even before you were appointed as a professor and even before your body was given this name.......” “Yes; yes. So, what should be the answer ? I think that I should have said that I am an American — a citizen of America — because that is where I was born, where I was given this name, where I got my education and where I teach even now.” “You have told me of your nationality. ’ thank you for that. But, my question was : ‘Who you are?’”

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